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Why choose a training by Your Azure Coach?


The trainings are based on extensive enterprise experience from the field and focus on what really matters when running production-grade Azure solutions.


The training content goes way beyond the official documentation and courses. We tackle advanced topics, adjusted to the level of the attendees.


We provide many detailed labs, with additional challenges for fast learners. Each training inlude a real use case, built from scratch end-to-end.



Your Azure Coach has 13+ years of training experience and is a Microsoft Certified Trainer. He has been rewarded as an Azure Most Valuable Professional.



During an intake, we can decide to skip, switch or add some topics to the training agenda, to ensure that the course matches your expectations completely.

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What can Your Azure Coach mean for you as an advisor?



Having doubts about your Azure implementation? No worries! Let me assess your current solution and create an action plan to take it to the next level.



Are you struggling to transform your innovative business ideas into a technical Azure architecture? I can assist your team in choosing the right design to move forward.



Did your organization recently adopt Azure technology?
Let me guide you on how to manage and operate your Azure environment in a modern, cloud-native way.



Do you need to convince your main stakeholders about the value Azure can bring to your business? We can quickly build an innovative and compelling prototype together!



Your Azure Coach is specialized in organizing Azure trainings that are infused with real-life experience. All our coaches are active consultants, who are very passionate and who love to share their Azure expertise with you.


Blogging about my adventures, straight from the azure trenches. Sharing is caring!

GitHub Actions fails to fetch secrets within reusable workflows

Recently, I played around with GitHub Actions and the authentication towards Azure, as you can read in this blog post.  I encountered some issues with using environment secrets, that I would like to share with you.  Let's have a look! The problem I have a reusable...

Identify all inbound HTTP Logic Apps endpoints in your Azure Environment

When I saw this post on Twitter, I immediately wanted to take the challenge 🙂 To try to solve this challenge, I wanted to use Azure Resource Graph, because this easily allows you to query all your Azure...

Capture Bicep outputs in PowerShell

Outputs in Bicep are super handy.  They allow you to return values from your Bicep template or module.  We often use this for returning values that cannot be known upfront, such as an IP address, principal Id, domain name, url... The challenge As long as we consume...

Use GitHub Actions with User-Assigned Managed Identity

Before we can automate our infrastructure as code, there is always to need to grant the required permissions to our release pipelines.  For GitHub Actions, this typically involved creating a Service Principal with a client secret.  By storing those credentials as...

Use Azure Resource Graph to identify potential security vulnerabilities

Security must be key for every cloud solution.  Azure Policy is one of your biggest companions to ensure that you enforce certain security policies.  You can configure them in audit, deny or modify mode.  However, it often takes a while to see the results once you've...

How to purge a soft-deleted API Management instance?

A while ago, API Management received a default soft-delete feature.  This is very handy for mission-critical workloads, because it protects against accidental removal.  However, in development environments, this causes often friction, because you cannot toggle the...

Save costs by shutting down AKS Clusters on dev environments

With Your Azure Coach, I am regularly organizing trainings on Azure Kubernetes Service.  To reduce the Azure hosting costs of these expensive clusters, I've implemented a Logic App that shuts down every evening all running AKS clusters.  This is how it looks: Nightly...

Looking back at INTEGRATE 2022

Last week, I attended the INTEGRATE conference.  Unlike other years, there were no real big announcements.  However, I would like to share my main take-aways from the conference: Logic Apps Standard is the way forward The product team is really betting on the new and...

Azure API Management Survey!

Last week, I spoke at the INTEGRATE conference.  During my talk, I've conducted a survey about Azure API Management.  200 attendees participated in this survey, which leads to interesting insights!  You can discover them here.