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The trainings are based on extensive enterprise experience from the field and focus on what really matters when running production-grade Azure solutions.


The training content goes way beyond the official documentation and courses. We tackle advanced topics, adjusted to the level of the attendees.


We provide many detailed labs, with additional challenges for fast learners. Each training inlude a real use case, built from scratch end-to-end.



Your Azure Coach has 13+ years of training experience and is a Microsoft Certified Trainer. He has been rewarded as an Azure Most Valuable Professional.



During an intake, we can decide to skip, switch or add some topics to the training agenda, to ensure that the course matches your expectations completely.

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What can Your Azure Coach mean for you as an advisor?



Having doubts about your Azure implementation? No worries! Let me assess your current solution and create an action plan to take it to the next level.



Are you struggling to transform your innovative business ideas into a technical Azure architecture? I can assist your team in choosing the right design to move forward.



Did your organization recently adopt Azure technology?
Let me guide you on how to manage and operate your Azure environment in a modern, cloud-native way.



Do you need to convince your main stakeholders about the value Azure can bring to your business? We can quickly build an innovative and compelling prototype together!



Your Azure Coach is specialized in organizing Azure trainings that are infused with real-life experience. All our coaches are active consultants, who are very passionate and who love to share their Azure expertise with you.


Blogging about my adventures, straight from the azure trenches. Sharing is caring!

Container Apps: the missing piece of the Azure compute puzzle!

At Ignite, Azure Container Apps was introduced!  According to the announcement, Container Apps is a serverless application centric hosting service where users do not see or manage any underlying VMs, orchestrators, or other cloud infrastructure. Azure Container Apps...

Conditional deployments with Bicep!

Lately, I had to rollout Azure API Management throughout different environments.  With Bicep, of course!  In the development and test environment, we use API Management without network integration.  In the acceptance and production environments, we deploy it internal...

Validate a Bicep file in your YAML pipeline!

When setting up CI/CD pipelines, it's good to have an explicit build stage.  This stage is typically used to compile your code and run unit tests.  When we are dealing with Infrastructure as Code, such as Bicep or ARM templates, there is no need to compile your files...

Achieving end-to-end traceability between Azure and Azure DevOps!

Azure DevOps is great for automating your releases to Azure.  On your Azure pipeline, you have an instant overview of the deployment: what source code is being deployed and to which environments?  Unfortunately, you don't have that visibility in Azure.  When you...

Azure Service Bus vs Event Grid

For many architecture designs, I need to make the choice between Azure Service Bus and Event Grid.  Azure Service Bus is more targeted to transactional messaging, Event Grid is optimized for handling discrete events.  Both services are publish/subscribe engines. ...

Enforce Azure AD authentication on your storage account!

People who follow my blog know that I am a big fan of securing Azure resources through Azure AD.  Leveraging your (hopefully) well-managed organization credentials to access Azure resources, is way better than using and sharing access keys all over.  You can also use...

Logic Apps Standard: what’s in it for you?

Yesterday, the new Logic Apps runtime - called Logic Apps Standard - was GA'ed.  This is a real game-changer in the Microsoft integration space.  During the private and public preview, I intensively played around with the new runtime.  In this blog post, I want to...

Insufficient permissions to… while being an owner!

Lately, I banged my head on an access rights issue.  I was automating an Azure governance through Azure CLI, which included the management group and subscription hierarchy.  My Azure DevOps service principal was owner of the root management group, because it had to...

Resolving the Azure AD Object Id with Azure CLI takes ages!

Recently, I had to retrieve the Azure AD Object Id of a certain Azure AD Group.  Because my script was already intensively leveraging Azure CLI, I used the az ad group list command. My command used the --query functionality to find the appropriate Azure AD group,...

Help! My Azure policy is not firing!

Lately, I was involved in auto-provisioning a complete Azure governance setup.  The automation was done through Azure CLI, as this offered the most flexible solution for my customer.  Policy definitions were created via the az policy definition create command.  While...