… Your Azure Coach is expanding!  But first, let’s look back on how it all started.

Looking back

In June 2020, I announced my new adventure.  My expectations were low, my motivation was high.  The positive reactions encouraged me to build extraordinary training content.  This took me quite some time, because I always strive for perfection and want to go that extra mile.

From September onwards, I gave my first trainings.  Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, these trainings were completely online.  Based on the feedback, I learned that the attendees appreciated the stories from the field, the topics that you don’t find in the documentation and the real-life use cases.  That’s exactly what Your Azure Coach stands for.  I don’t want to run an ordinary training center, I want to provide trainings and workshops, infused with extensive experience from the field!

I never imagined that I would be able to turn my hobby into a successful side-business.  Here are some figures since September 2020:

  • # Training days: 16
  • # Attendees: 56
  • # Countries: 12
Looking forward

Azure is huge, while my area of deep expertise is rather small.  I received many training requests about topics that I am familiar with, but don’t master enough to deliver the quality I’m aiming for.  That’s why I decided to expand the Your Azure Coach offer: new passionate coaches are joining the team!  These coaches were carefully selected: all of them are active and hands-on consultants, with extensive experience within their respective knowledge domain.

Currently, 5 new trainers have joined Your Azure Coach.  Next week, I will announce who they are.

I can already share that we will be able to coach you on the following topics:

  • Azure Identity and Security
  • Azure Infrastructure and Governance
  • Azure Kubernetes Service
  • Azure AI, ML & Cognitive Services
  • Azure IoT
  • Azure Integration Services & Serverless

The full training agenda can be found here.

My ultimate goal is to cover the complete Azure landscape with high-quality trainings and workshops.  Quality and customer satisfaction are – and remain – my main objectives and will be continuously and thoroughly evaluated.


I’m really thrilled about this next step in the Your Azure Coach journey.  I want to express my gratitude to all training participants for their enthusiasm, to the companies I am partnering with for their trust, to the new coaches to help me write this exciting story, to the community members who inspire me every day and to everyone who’s spreading the message in any way!

A sincere thank you!

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Your Azure Coach is specialized in organizing Azure trainings that are infused with real-life experience. All our coaches are active consultants, who are very passionate and who love to share their Azure expertise with you.