This training focusses on the basic concepts and knowledge that is required to get started with Azure API Management. The training targets developers and architects with a basic understanding of APIs and web services.
DayDay summaryModule

API Management concepts

  • The need for API Management
  • Tiers comparison
  • APIs and products
  • Users, subscriptions and groups
  • Developer portal

Importing APIs

  • Open API
  • SOAP
  • OData
  • Azure services


  • Policy overview
  • Policy expressions
  • Policy scopes
  • Named values
  • Tracing and debugging

Enriching APIs

  • Caching
  • Mocking
  • Rate limiting
  • Versioning
  • Transformations

Securing APIs

  • Subscription keys
  • IP restriction
  • Mutual authentication
  • OAuth – Open Id Connect
  • Managed Identity
  • Network Security

Monitoring APIs

  • Azure Monitor
  • Application Insights
  • Custom tracing
  • Power BI reporting

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