Cloud-native applications have to be provisioned in an automated way, to ensure consistency, quality and agility across your environments. In this training course, you will get familiar on how this can be achieved within the Azure platform. This training targets developers, system administrators, system operators and architects. No prior Azure knowledge is needed.
DayDay summaryModule
Day 1: Infrastructure automation in AzureDuring this first day, we will get familiar with the different options that Azure provides to automate the deployment of your Azure environments. We will automate the creation of a sample application via different technologies, so you can feel the advantages and disadvantages that each option brings. The following technologies will be covered:
  • Azure Resource Manager templates
  • Terraform
  • Azure CLI
  • Azure PowerShell
Day 2: Azure Resource Manager templatesARM templates are by far the most popular and supported way to implement Infrastructure as Code on Azure. That's why this second day has an in-depth focus on the following ARM template features:
  • Scope
  • Structure
  • Parameters
  • Variables
  • Outputs
  • Template expressions
  • Functions
  • Dependencies
  • Conditions
  • Loops
  • What-If
  • Nested templates
  • Linked templates
  • Scripts
Day 3: Azure DevOpsTo ensure end-to-end governance of your release process, Azure DevOps is the recommended tool. The third day focusses on how Azure DevOps easily enables Infrastructure as Code. The following aspects will be covered, while setting up a full end-to-end release pipeline:
  • Azure repos
  • Git workflow
  • Azure Pipelines
  • Governance
  • Security
  • Monitoring

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