Azure trainings!
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Architecting Azure Solutions


  • May 23: 09h00-17h00 CET
  • May 24: 09h00-17h00 CET
  • May 25: 09h00-17h00 CET


Technical and solution architects.  Infrastructure architects are also welcome.


Global understanding of architecture is required.
Theoretical / practical knowledge of infrastructure is a plus (networking, reverse proxies, firewalls…)
Theoretical / practical knowledge of Event Driven Architecture is a plus (pub/sub, SAGAs…)

Training content

Introducing cloud-native systems and applications

  • Cloud and cloud-native vs traditional application development and hosting
    • Mindset, expectations, ecosystems
  • Cloud service models and use cases
    • SaaS vs FaaS vs PaaS vs CaaS vs IaaS
  • Infrastructure as Code and the broader CI/CD piece
    • DevOps and GitOps
  • Beyond technology
    • Cloud Adoption Framework

Building the foundations

  • The Azure hierarchy
    • The Tenant concept
    • From Management Groups to individual resources
    • The basics of RBAC and policies
  • Hub & Spoke architecture
    • Azure networking basics
    • Azure Private Link
    • Landing zone concept
    • Demo
    • Build it yourself
  • Platform-level HA and DR considerations
    • Single vs Multi-region Hub & Spoke
    • Alternatives to multi-region deployments

High-level tour of Azure

  • Identity
    • Azure Active Directory
    • Azure Active Directory B2C
    • OIDC & OAuth
  • Containerization
    • Azure Web Apps for Containers
    • Azure Container Instances
    • Azure Kubernetes Services
    • Azure services shipping as containers
    • Demos
  • Azure iPaaS
    • API-driven workloads
    • Event-driven architecture
    • Orchestrators
    • Going hybrid with BizTalk
    • Demos
  • Data services to build applications
    • SQL vs NoSQL
    • Cosmos DB challenges
    • Cosmos DB use case
  • Data services to build a data platform
    • Quick tour of Azure Data Lake, Synapse, Data Factory and Databricks

Building and using a web landing zone

  • Options to host web workloads
    • Azure Web Apps vs Isolated plans vs Static Web Apps
    • Azure Kubernetes Service
  • Managing inbound traffic
    • Public vs private web apps
    • Application Gateway vs Frontdoor vs Traffic Manager
    • Splitting frontend and backend traffic
  • Managing outbound traffic
    • Azure Firewall
  • Enterprise-grade web landing zone
    • Explanation of the diagram
    • Monitoring practices
  • Build a lab landing zone
    • Creation of the network
    • Route traffic with Application Gateway
    • Publishing, mocking and securing APIs with API Management

High availability and disaster recovery

  • HA for Virtual Machines
    • Availability zones and availability sets
    • Azure Backup
    • Azure Site Recovery
  • HA for Web Apps
    • Auto-scaling plans
    • Multi-region deployments
  • HA for Azure Kubernetes Services
    • Availability zones and node pool strategy
    • Pod disruption budgets
    • Multi-region deployments
  • HA and geo-replication for
    • Azure Storage
    • Cosmos DB
    • Azure SQL
    • API Management
    • Global Services
  • DR strategy with a mix of services

Security posture and best practices

  • The shift left and define in depth principle
  • Introducing Azure Security Center
  • Introducing Azure Sentinel
  • Authentication and authorization best practices
    • Azure Managed Identity
    • AKS Pod-Managed Identities
    • RBAC vs SAS
    • Azure Key Vault

Monitoring solutions

  • Introducing Application Insights
    • Troubleshooting web apps
    • Query Application Insights
    • Availability Tests
  • Introducing Azure Monitor
    • Evaluating metrics
    • Introducing Azure Dashboards
    • Introducing Azure Monitor Workbooks
    • Setting up alerts
  • Typical enterprise-grade practices
    • Integrating with Splunk and QRadar
    • Integrating with Grafana
    • Integrating with ITSM tools

Use case and closing

  • Design end-to-end solution
  • Whiteboard session
  • Summary
  • Resources


Some general information about the training:

  • The online training takes place via Microsoft Teams
  • Access to an Azure subscription will be provided
  • The Azure consumption cost is included in the training price
  • All training material is handed over to the participants
  • The prerequisite software will be communicated one week before the training

23 May 2022
09:00 — 17:00


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