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KEDA, Dapr and Service Meshes on Azure Kubernetes Service


The training takes place during these timeslots:

  • June 8: 09h00-17h00 CET
  • June 9: 09h00-17h00 CET
  • June 10: 09h00-17h00 CET


Senior developers and technical architects.  Infrastructure and solutions architects are also welcome.


Upfront knowledge of Docker is expected.
Theoretical knowledge of K8S is a plus.
Theoretical knowledge of Even Driven Architecture is a plus (pub/sub, SAGAs…).

Training content

Introducing cloud-native systems and applications

  • Cloud and cloud-native vs traditional application development and hosting
    • Mindset, expectations, ecosystems
  • Infrastructure as Code and the broader CI/CD piece
    • DevOps and GitOps
  • AKS architecture, the big picture
    • Mater API and worked nodes
    • Node pools (system vs user node pools)
    • Virtual nodes (stories from the field)
    • AKS within a broader landing zone (stories from the field)
  • AKS vs PaaS
    • Benefits
    • Caveats

Scaling workloads with KEDA

  • Built-in scaling capabilities in AKS
    • Horizontal vs vertical scaling
    • Cluster-level scaling
    • Virtual nodes and their infrastructure (use cases)
    • Workload level scaling
  • KEDA in a nutshell
    • Value proposition and use cases
    • Architecture
  • Scaling deployments and jobs with KEDA
    • Use KEDA with Azure Service Bus and Azure Functions
    • Use KEDA with Azure Blob Storage and Virtual Nodes
  • Benefits and caveats

Building event-driven and distributed applications with Dapr

  • Dapr in a nutshell
    • Value proposition and use cases
    • Architecture
  • Dapr Service Discovery
    • Communicate amongst two APIs
  • Dapr and Azure iPaaS
    • Use Dapr with Azure Service Bus, Event Grid and Functions
    • Integration Dapr and Azure API Management
    • Use Dapr and Logic Apps orchestrations
  • Benefits and caveats

Meshing with AKS

  • Service meshes in a nutshell
    • Value proposition
    • Istio, Linkerd and Open Service Mesh
  • Grasping Istio’s architecture
    • Introducing Istio architecture
    • Introducing Istio features
  • Deploying, versioning and securing APIs with Istio
    • Internal communication and security
    • Exposing services to the outside world
    • Working with JWT validation policies and granular service-to-service policies
    • Troubleshooting performance and a buggy application with Istio
  • Chaos engineering with Istio
    • Fault injection, retries
  • Getting started with Linkerd
    • Introducing Linkerd Architecture
    • Troubleshooting performance and a buggy application with Linkerd
  • What to choose?
    • Linkerd, Istio, Dapr…

Production use considerations

  • Best practices
  • Advise on HA, monitoring and security
  • Learnings from the field


Some general information about the training:

  • The online training takes place via Microsoft Teams
  • Access to an Azure subscription will be provided
  • The Azure consumption cost is included in the training price
  • All training material is handed over to the participants
  • The prerequisite software will be communicated one week before the training

08 June 2022
09:00 — 17:00


€ 1800,00Register



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