These dedicated in-company sessions are the perfect way to organize very interactive workshops to train you and your colleagues on specific Azure topics. During an intake call, we discuss and adjust the workshop agenda to your needs. As a result, we can provide a tailored learning experience and dive into the specific challenges that your organization faces. Unlike the traditional training format, these interactive immersion sessions do not include (many) hands-on labs. The focus is understanding the technology and how it can apply to your situation. Lot’s of demos and (virtual) white-boarding.
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Workshop agenda

This immersion session is valuable for everyone interested in Azure. A technical background is preferred to get the maximum benefit, however it can provide a lot of added value for sales and/or managers that want to have a better understanding of the cloud world.

Cloud concepts

  • Benefits
  • Challenges
  • IaaS, PaaS and SaaS

Core services

  • Core Azure architectural components
  • Core Azure services and products
  • Azure solutions
  • Azure management tools

Security, privacy, compliance and trust

  • Securing network connectivity in Azure
  • Core Azure Identity services
  • Security tools and features
  • Azure governance methodologies
  • Monitoring and reporting in Azure
  • Privacy, compliance and data protection standards in Azure

Azure Pricing and Support

  • Azure subscriptions
  • Planning and managing costs
  • Support options available with Azure
  • Service lifecycle in Azure

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Your Azure Coach is specialized in organizing Azure trainings that are infused with real-life experience. All our coaches are active consultants, who are very passionate and who love to share their Azure expertise with you.