Error while building a flat file schema with TFS

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Lately I came across a weird exception while building a BizTalk project with Team Foundation Server.  Let’s have a look.

The error

Although the build succeeded locally, we got this error while building our BizTalk project with TFS:

“FlatFileSchema.xsd.cs: The type or namespace name ‘<ContextPropertyName>’ could not be found in the global namespace (are you missing an assembly reference?)”

The troubleshooting

After some try/error, we discovered that the error only occurred when building a BizTalk project in TFS that contains a flat file schema, using property promotion.  The first reflex was to compare the installed software on our local development machine and the Team Foundation Server.

  • Local machine: Full BizTalk 2010 Installation
  • TFS server: BizTalk 2010 Build Component

The solution

The solution was to install also the Developer Tools and SDK on the TFS server.  Although MSDN states that the Build Component should be sufficient.  This extra installation adds “Developer Tools\Schema Editor Extensions” to the BizTalk folder.  This is apparently needed for building flat files schemas that use property promotion.

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