This Month I’ve Read – July 2017

In this “This Month I’ve Read” series, I want to share 5 blogs / articles concerning Microsoft Enterprise Integration that really drew my attention throughout the last month.  Here you can find my selection for this month.

Sean Feldman – Azure ServiceBus plug-ins
The new Microsoft.Azure.ServiceBus client is now more extensible, as it provides a plug-in mechanism for message customization on send and receive operations.  Sean illustrates its benefits via a great example that implements the claim check pattern for Service Bus.  Read the complete article here.

Announcement – Azure Durable Functions
An alpha release of Azure Durable Functions has been announced.  A new orchestrator function enables now long-running and statefull scenarios.  There are 5 interesting patterns described which are now supported; quite some overlap with the Logic Apps offering.  Read the complete article here.

Mikael Sand – Securing passwords in Logic Apps
Mikael explains in depth how to secure passwords that are used for Basic Authentication in Logic Apps, by leveraging Azure KeyVault.  This is done by configuring the password as a secure string parameter.  Only drawback is that a redeploy is needed for updating the password.  Read the complete article here.

Peter Mannerhult – Be careful of the Logic Apps consumption pricing model
Peter clearly describes potential pitfalls with the consumption based pricing model of Logic Apps.  The billing model sometimes conflicts with good design practices and polling triggers might become quite expensive.  It’s good to be aware of this!  Read the complete article here.

Richard Seroter – Introducing cloud-native integration
This blog post is a very nice recap of Richard’s session at Integrate 2017.  He points out that cloud-native refers to how software is delivered, not where.  Cloud-native integrations are built for scale, built for continuous change and built to tolerate failure.  Read the complete article here.



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