This Month I’ve Read – January 2018

In this “This Month I’ve Read” series, I want to share some blogs / articles concerning Microsoft Enterprise Integration that really drew my attention throughout the last month.  Here you can find my selection for this month.

Michael Stephenson – Considerations for hardening API’s
This extended blog post guides you through the possibilities to secure your API’s that are exposed through Azure API Management.  Depending on your use case, you can introduce some simple changes, introduce different VNET’s and NSG’s or put Azure Application Gateway in front of your API.  Read the complete article here.

Karim Vaes – Serverless on-demand scaling
A well explained example of scaling Azure resources dynamically, depending on the load the needs to be handled.  Design to incorporate dynamic scaling in your solution and identify the right metrics to decide whether the scale out or in.  Read the complete article here.

Tom Kerkhove – Building systems in the cloud
A great write-up by Tom Kerkhove.  If you build systems in the cloud, you must embrace change and design to be able to cope with rapidly changing cloud technology.  Great insights, nicely written down in a non-technical language.  Read the complete article here.

David Barkol – Subscribing to Event Grid events with Azure API Management
Azure Event Grid requires a subscription validation handshake, in order to ensure that the subscriber acknowledges it wants to receive the event.  This blog explains how you can perform this handshake in Azure APIM, so you don’t need to modify the subscribing API itself.  Read the complete article here.

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