Navigate directly to the Logic Apps run details

Last week, there was the #IntegrationAMA, where we got to chance to ask our questions to the product teams of the Azure Integration Services.  I used this as an opportunity to remind the product teams of several feature requests.  One of these requests was the ability to create a direct URL that links to the Logic Apps monitoring details of a specific run.  Surprisingly, the seemed already possible!  Kevin Lam provided a trick on how to achieve this.

You can compose the URL in this way:<URL encoded resource id of the run>.  The resource id consists of:


Ensure you include the first slash and URL encode it!

As an example, this link points immediately to the following run details.  You won’t have access 😉


This comes in very handy when creating alerts, based on Azure Monitor events.  In case you’re building a monitoring dashboard, this allows you to provide the capability to immediately navigate to the Logic Apps run details.

A small feature, that can really improve the operational experience of your integration solutions!


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