When settings up new API Management instances at customers, I notice that I often specify the same policies at the highest scope, All API’s.  This blog is just a small note to myself and hopefully it might help you too.

All APIs

Inbound policies

Two inbound policies are very common:

  • Delete the subscription key header in order not to disclose this to the backend API
    (preferably you rename this key to a technology agnostic name)
  • Allow CORS for the developer portal to work

Outbound policies

The outbound policies are typically set to remove HTTP response headers that disclose information about the underlying technology.

   <set-header name="X-Powered-By" exists-action="delete" />
   <set-header name="X-AspNet-Version" exists-action="delete" />


Do you know other response headers that should be typically removed?  Please let me know in the comments section!  Any other common API Management policies?  Don’t hesitate to share them!!!

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