New workflow expressions for Logic Apps triggers!

Today, Mötz Jensen, informed me on Twitter about the ability to access the Logic Apps correlation id (client-tracking-id) at runtime.  After some investigation, it turns out that there are some new (but undocumented?) properties available on the trigger() object:

  • trigger().clientTrackingId = get the correlation id of the current run
    Is useful to configure end-to-end correlation across Logic Apps
  • trigger().originHistoryName = get the run id of the current Logic App run
    Is useful to include in error messages, to link directly to the specific run
  • trigger().sourceHistoryName = get the run id of the resubmitted Logic App that resulted in the current run
    Is useful to understand if you are dealing with a resubmitted Logic App

Some handy workflow expressions that might help you in more advanced scenarios.  Thanks Mötz for the heads-up, much appreciated!


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