How to purge a soft-deleted API Management instance?

A while ago, API Management received a default soft-delete feature.  This is very handy for mission-critical workloads, because it protects against accidental removal.  However, in development environments, this causes often friction, because you cannot toggle the soft-delete feature.  This means that often you need to explicitly purge a soft-deleted API Management instance.  This blog explains how you can do this.

The documentation

The documentation is quite basic.  It states:


Two possible ways

Use Azure CLI

The easiest way is to work fully with Azure CLI (thanks Geert Baeke for the tip!)>

az login
  • Replace the {placeholders} in the URL and execute this command:
az rest --method delete --url "{subscriptionId}/providers/Microsoft.ApiManagement/locations/{location}/deletedservices/{serviceName}?api-version=2021-08-01"

Use Postman

  • Open Postman or any other HTTP client
  • Set the HTTP Method to DELETE
  • Replace the {placeholders} in the URL with the correct values
  • Log in to Azure with Azure CLI, using an account that has sufficient access
az login
  • Request a JWT token and copy the value of the accessToken
az account get-access-token

  • In Postman, add a new HTTP Header for the authentication
Authorization: Bearer <accessToken>
  • Now you can successfully purge the soft-deleted API Management instance

I hope this blog helped you to purge your API Management instance!




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