Adding custom connectors is a feature that we’ve requested for a long time!  When I heard the announcement that the feature was released, I couldn’t wait to try it out.  You can find my first findings in this blog post!  In order to test the functionality, I’ve tried to connect to the Teamleader API.  Teamleader is a great online tool for CRM, project management and invoicing.

Create the custom connector

  • Add a Logic Apps Connector to your resource group.

Custom Connector - 01

  • Provide a name, subscription, resource group and location.

Custom Connector - 02

  • Click on Edit

Custom Connector - 03

  • There’s the option to point to Swagger definitions, but the Teamleader API does not support this.  As an alternative, I’ve uploaded a Postman v1 collection that contains the Get Contacts operation.

Custom Connector - 04

  • Provide general information about the connector.  Click continue.

Custom Connector - 05

  • In the security tab, OAuth2 is immediately selected, as the wizard retrieved the information from the Postman collection.  Select the right OAuth2 identity provider, in my case Generic OAuth 2.

Custom Connector - 06

  • Provide all the required OAuth2 parameters and click continue.

Custom Connector - 07

  • In the Definition tab, you can specify all details about the actions and triggers.  Thanks to the Swagger definition or Postman collection, the definition is already pre-populated.  However, you can finetune the descriptions and add validations.

Custom Connector - 08

  • In my case, I needed to define the response, by importing a sample response (as this was not part of the Postman collection).

Custom Connector - 09

  • Click update connector.

Use the custom connector

  • Create a new Logic App and add a new action.  Search for the previously created connector and select the desired action or trigger.

Custom Connector - 10

  • Click sign in to authenticate against the OAuth2 provider.  You probably need to use incognito mode.

Custom Connector - 11

  • Provide your credentials.

Custom Connector - 12

  • Create a request / response Logic App, that returns all contacts.

Custom Connector - 13

  • It just works as a charm!

Custom Connector - 14


Very nice addition to our Logic Apps toolset.  The fact that we can reuse one custom connector with multiple API connections makes this very powerful!  There’s also the possibility to certify your connector to become available in the Azure market place, which offers great opportunities for ISV’s!

Stay tuned!



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