Logic Apps Live Recap – September 27, 2017

This post contains a recap of the (almost) monthly Logic Apps Live webcast.  In case you missed it or you don’t want to watch the complete session, you can find here the most important highlights!  Watch the complete recording over here.

What’s new?

  • Azure Security Center has now playbooks, which are actually Logic Apps being triggered from within Security Center, when a certain alert is fired.  This allows advanced notifications, but also real actions that can be taken automatically if certain security incidents occur.

Create logic app

  • Custom connectors allow you to register a custom connector, that comes with a fully managed API connection.  Great stuff!  Read all about it here.

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  • Large message support, up to 1 GB, for specific connectors (blob, FTP).
  • Append variables to array, very useful for aggregating data within loops.  Pro-tip: configure foreach to run sequential.

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  • Nested foreach and do-until available in the designer!

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  • Configure the number of scale units in the code-view, to enable very high throughput scenarios.  Better known as the ludicrous mode 🙂
  • Maximum retry raised to 10, where it used to be 4 retries before.

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  • Export Logic Apps to Flow and PowerApps, enabling smooth integration between them.

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  • Emit client tracking id to OMS, to ensure better correlation between different Logic App runs.  Hopefully the relation between Logic Apps will become visible in the Logic Apps OMS solution!
  • Expression Intellisense is really helpfull when writing expression.  I’m rarely using the code view anymore.  Cool stuff!

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  • Schedule-based batch release, in combination with maximum number of messages in a batch.  Extended batch release options!

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New Connectors

A whole bunch of new connectors have been added.  Here’s the list:

  • Azure Security Center
  • Log Analytics Data Collector
  • ServiceNow
  • DateTime Actions
  • Azure Event Grid Publish
  • Adobe Sign
  • O365 Groups
  • Skype for Business
  • LinkedIn
  • Apache Impala
  • FlowForma
  • Bizzy

Work in progress

This is a long list of features the product team is currently working on!

  • Restrict number of concurrent instances.  Already available in code view.
  • Native SOAP support to consume both cloud and on-premise SOAP services.
  • Expression tracing, to see the intermediary values for complex expressions.
  • Navigating to the next failed action inside a for each loop.
  • Automatic rendering of Azure Functions annotated with Swagger.
  • HTTP action support for OAuth with certificates
  • Complex conditions in the designer
  • Bulk resubmit in OMS
  • Batch release configuration through Integration Account

Connectors coming soon!

The following connectors have been announced!

  • Workday
  • Marketo
  • Compute
  • Containers


Another great Logic Apps Live webcast.  Really excited about the custom connectors.  Siked to try it out!




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