This Month I’ve Read – November 2017

In this “This Month I’ve Read” series, I want to share 5 blogs / articles concerning Microsoft Enterprise Integration that really drew my attention throughout the last month.  Here you can find my selection for this month.

Sumit Kumar – Monitor Logic Apps in Log Analytics
Logic Apps has already an OMS solution, with a pre-defined view on cross Logic App activity.  However, I some cases you might want to create your own tailored monitoring views, leveraging the same Log Analytics data set.  This article nicely explains how you can achieve this.  Read the complete article here.

Mattias Lögdberg – Centralize secrets in Azure Key Vault
Too many times, passwords and sensitive connection strings are just placed in clear text within config files, or even worse: in code.  Mattias explains how easy it is to deal with such secrets in a very secure and centralized way.  This blog covers Key Vault integration with App Services, Azure Functions and Logic Apps. Read the complete article here.

Gaurav Bhatnagar – Azure Managed Applications
Exciting news for all ISV’s out there!  There’s now the ability to offer cloud solutions through the Azure marketplace.   Customers can quickly deploy managed applications in their own subscription and rely on the partner for maintenance operations and support across the lifecycle.  Read the complete article here.

Karim Vaes – Serverless vendor lock-in or not
This blog post starts with explaining the differences between IaaS, CaaS and FaaS.  Afterwards, Karim explains the typical debate about serverless: some really believe in the story of a fast time to market, whereas others are sceptical and stress on the importance of portability.  Great blog!  Read the complete article here.

Connected Circuits – Resequencing in Logic Apps
Great to see that people are implementing proven integration patterns on top of Azure Logic Apps.  This post is a nice example of implementing the re-sequencing pattern within Logic Apps.  This post inspired me to write the same pattern, but without an external message store.  Read the complete article here.



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