Recently, I’ve updated my speaker profile and available sessions on Sessionize.  Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want me to speak on your event.  Below, you can find an overview of my current sessions.

Serverless CQRS in Azure!

The CQRS pattern enables you to build highly scalable, distributed and event-driven applications. Microsoft Azure contains all the serverless building blocks you need to take advantage of the CQRS pattern. In this session, we’re going to transform a monolithic web app into a modern cloud application, that easily handles peak loads and offers great flexibility. Expect architectural guidance, cost-effective designs and live demo’s.

Connecting the enterprise with Azure Logic Apps

Logic Apps is a very intuitive and cloud-native integration engine. The solid user experience is great to gain quick business value, but you need to be aware of the pitfalls when using Logic Apps for reliable enterprise integration. Logic Apps really is a fit for enterprise integration, if you take the right design decisions! Make sure you know your cloud and integration patterns. Ensure you understand the strengths and limits of Logic Apps. The Logic App framework is a truly amazing and stable platform that brings a whole range of new opportunities to organizations. The way you use it, should be depending on the type of integration you are facing! Let me explain you everything you need to know about designing enterprise integrations with Logic Apps.

Gain geospatial insights through Azure Stream Analytics

In this talk, I’ll introduce you to the basics of Azure Stream Analytics (ASA) and guide you through its rich geospatial capabilities, which turn incoming GPS sensor streams into actionable insights, in a near real-time fashion. Do you want to learn how to be reactive on such GPS data in motion, on a large scale, in a matter of minutes? This session, including a hands-on demo, will provide you a real jump start!

Living on the IoT Edge!

Azure IoT Edge brings cloud capabilities, such as advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to small devices in the field. This allows intelligent actions being taken on devices or device gateways, with minimal latency and without a dependency on cloud connectivity. In this session, you’ll learn how IoT Edge works under the hood, how Azure services can run on a local device and how you can remotely update these smart modules from within Azure IoT Hub. Expect architectural guidance, typical usage scenarios and some demos to showcase the endless capabilities of Azure IoT Edge.

Captain Webhook is conquering the serverless space!

Modern and serverless applications work often reactive, based on a wide range of events. For that purpose, web hooks offer a simple and fast way to spin up processes, fired from these events. Learn how web hooks work and how they are supported in Azure Functions and Logic Apps. Discover the power of Azure Event Grid which provides an intelligent publish/subscribe event router, fully baked into the Azure serverless space. Understand the responsibilities that the web hook pattern brings both to event publishers and subscribers. Expect architectural guidance, cost-effective designs and live demo’s.

Everyone loves Logic Apps

Azure Logic Apps is often referred to as “drag-and-drop” integration, but it’s so much more than that. It truly acts as an orchestrator between various cloud services, providing fast business value in many domains such as devops, security, enterprise integration, governance, productivity, artificial intelligence, marketing, etc… The aim of this session is to create awareness about the endless capabilities of Azure Logic Apps, with a focus on use cases and scenarios from the field. Return back home with tons of ideas on how Logic Apps can unlock quick value within several areas of your organization.

Cloud integration: what’s in it for you?

This session focuses on the great opportunities that cloud integration brings to your business. Moving from a pure on premises integration hub, towards a hybrid or even completely cloud-based setup is a gradual process that comes with several challenges and pitfalls. Check out how you can leverage the Azure cloud to build smart, innovative and cloud-native integrations, without disrupting your running business. Prepare yourself to have a smooth integration journey to the cloud!

Looking forward to speaking on your event!



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