BizTalk Hotrod Magazine republished!

The once-so-famous BizTalk Hotrod Magazine was nowhere to be found anymore on the internet. Luckily I found them back. I thought it was a good idea to share them with the community. Nostalgia!

While cleaning up my OneDrive storage, I stumbled upon 10 editions of the BizTalk Hotrod Magazine. People who are quite long in the integration community, will definitely remember the fantastic layout and designs of this online magazine!


Not only the layout, but also the content was outstanding. Real hardcore BizTalk topics were covered in depth. Many articles are still valid nowadays! Many of the current Microsoft integration community members have published their first articles in BizTalk Hotrod Magazine. I had the honour to publish my first two articles in the BizTalk Hotrod, back in 2009.

You can download all the issues of the magazine here:



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