This Month I’ve Read – December 2017

In this “This Month I’ve Read” series, I want to share 5 blogs / articles concerning Microsoft Enterprise Integration that really drew my attention throughout the last month.  Here you can find my selection for this month.

James Sturtevant – Running Azure Functions runtime in Kubernetes
Since the Azure Funtions runtime is ported to .NET Core, you can run them cross platform.  This nice post explains how you can run Azure Functions runtime on premises, as Docker containers, while leveraging the hosting and autoscaling capabilities of Kubernetes.  Read the complete article here.

Itay Shakury – Deployment strategies defined
Deployments – and for sure automated ones – can become quite complex.  Before diving into the technicalities, it’s important to define the right deployment strategy.  This post describes the most common deployment strategies out there.  Interesting read!  Read the complete article here.

Michal Smereczynski – Azure Logic Apps and Azure Container Instances
In this blog, the capabilities of the Logic Apps connector for Azure Container Instances are explained.  This opens up great scenarios, where Logic Apps orchestrates at runtime the creation, execution and deletion of container instances on the fly!  Read the complete article here.

Justin Yoo – SOAP over Azure API Management, Logic Apps and Functions
SOAP is still widely used nowadays, allthough RESTfull services are getting a more and more prominent place.  Justin describes multiple options to consume SOAP-based web services from within different Azure services, concluding with a good comparison.  Read the complete article here.

Azure Architecture Centre – Designing Microservices on Azure
This article provides great architectural advice on micro services.  Why could you use it?  What are the downsides?  How can you apply it?  It nicely explains how to apply DDD on a very practical example of a Drone Application.  Good stuff, containing important considerations!  Read the complete article here.



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