Azure API Management policy expressions cheat-sheet!

The problem

When authoring Azure API Management policies, I often ask myself “How can I get the value of an HTTP header, without throwing null reference exception if it does not exist?” or “What’s the best way to verify an incoming client certificate?”.  To find the answer, I typically have to navigate through some blogs or have to do some try-and-error.  

When I give trainings on Azure API Management, the attendees are often struggling with policy expressions.  Often they are not familiar with C# or they are having a hard time because of the lack of intellisense.

The solution

That’s why I decided to create a cheat-sheet that should help you to overcome these common issues.  You can find all details in the GitHub repo, that is managed by the product team.


A little announcement:

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About me

Hi! I’m Toon Vanhoutte, a hands-on Azure architect – based in Belgium – with a big passion for teaching and helping people out. I’m happy to assist you during your Azure journey with high-quality advisory and I would love to teach you Azure’s possibilities via my tailored training courses.

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